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The image of this oil pastel came from a trip to the Boston Aquarium.  As always, I tried to play up the abstract qualities of the images and their shadows--lots of painstaking detail here. Hangs well with it sister piece, "Going Deeper II." Framed dimensions are 30" X 19 1/4."

"Going Deeper I"

  • This oil pastel has been framed with Conservation Clear glass which helps to filter out most UV rays. The frame requires occasional dusting with a lint-free cloth. Window cleaner may be applied to the glass with a clean, soft absorbent cloth. Spray cleaner the on cloth, not directly on the glass.
    Even though this glass has UV protection, NEVER put art in direct sunlight. Direct UV rays can bleach the color over time. ALWAYS keep art in cool, dry climate controlled spaces. Humidity and temperature extremes are harmful to the art.


  • Oil pastel on paper, framed.

    Dimensions: 30" X 19 1/4"

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