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                             COMMUNITY ART at WALSH UNIVERSITY
Since October 2012, Professor Diane Belfiglio has been creating large scale Community Art Projects. Thus far, she has designed and directed nine permanent installations on Walsh University's campus in North Canton, Ohio, and five more at community partner locations. These projects are designed so that people with no artistic background can participate in painting, assembling, and ultimately signing the installations. Thus, participants become an integral part of the entire wall mosaic. The projects stress group involvement and community building.

The first project, All Roads Lead to Walsh, was completed with Walsh University commuter students fall semester 2012. It is now permanently displayed in the landing of the downstairs stairwell of the David Center on campus.

The second project, The Art of Building Community, was completed with Walsh University resident students spring semester 2013. It is permanently displayed in the Towers Connector building on campus.

The third project, The Art of Faith, was completed fall semester 2013 with a combination of Walsh University students, faculty and staff. It is permanently displayed in the lower level of the David Campus Center on campus.

The fourth project, The Art of International Connections, was completed spring semester 2014 with Walsh University international students. It is permanently displayed in the second floor of the David Campus Center next to the Schervish Dining Center on campus.

The fifth project, There's No Place Like Home, was completed fall semester 2014. Walsh University, in conjunction with Professor Belfiglio, was awarded an Arts in Stark Innovation Grant to create two Community Art Projects with Walsh University's community partner, Habitat for Humanity. This partnership resulted in one permanent installation at Walsh University in the lower level of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel, and one permanent installation at Habitat for Humanity's Raff Road location in Canton, Ohio.


The sixth project, The Art of Athletics, was completed spring semester 2015 with Walsh University student athletes and athletic staff. It is permanently displayed n the Alumni Arena in the Cecchini Center on campus.


The seventh project, Music on the Walls, was completed fall semester 2015 with Walsh University music students and faculty in conjunction with the Canton Symphony Orchestra, Youth Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra Chorus. This partnership resulted in two "sister" images: one permanently installed in Birk Center for the Arts at Walsh University, and the other in Foundation Hall at the Zimmerman Symphony Center in Canton.

The eighth project, Faith in Learning, was completed spring semester 2016 with the Walsh University Art Club in conjunction with students, faculty, and staff at St. Thomas Aquinas School. It is permanently displayed in the Library of St. Thomas Aquinas School in Canton.


The ninth project, The Art of Education, was completed fall semester 2016 with Walsh University students, faculty, and staff in the Division of Education. The installation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Hannon Child Development Center as the home of the Division of Education on campus.

The tenth project, The Art of Healthy Behavior,  was completed spring semester 2017 in partnership with students, faculty and staff at Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health. It is permanently installed at their Shipley campus in downtown Canton.

The eleventh project, The Colors of God's Love, was completed fall semester 2017 in partnership with students, faculty and staff at Our Lady of Peace School at Christ the Servant Parish in Canton.

The twelfth project, The Art of the Periodic Table,  was completed spring semester 2018 by Walsh University science students, faculty, and staff, in conjunction with with the Department of Development. It is permanently installed in the John Paul II Science Center at Walsh University.

The thirteenth project, Leave Your Mark on the World at Walsh University, was completed spring semester 2019 by Walsh University students, faculty, and staff. It is permanently installed in the walkway to the Global Learning Center at Walsh University.


More of these projects are in the planning stages for both Walsh University and its community partners.

                       COMMUNITY ART at GLENOAK HIGH SCHOOL

In 2013, Diane Belfiglio received an Arts in Stark Innovation Grant to work with GlenOak advanced art students from Honors Art III and AP Studio Art classes to create a permanent painting installation. The resultant Spirit of GlenOak now hangs outside the auditorium of GlenOak High School in Canton, Ohio, Belfiglio's alma mater.

The concept behind this mural installation is that GlenOak High School provides a wealth of opportunity for the students of Plain Township. The four part design proudly spells out GOHS. Each letter of the mural depicts a different aspect of the many educational offerings at GlenOak. The G illustrates academics, O illustrates career opportunities, H illustrates fine arts, and S illustrates sports. Students were divided into four teams to design and paint each of the four panels under Belfiglio's direction.


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