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This acrylic on canvas painting is the second in a series of paintings I did from photos I took of the architectural detail at the McKinley Monument in Canton, Ohio, part of my "Brush with History" collection. It hung on loan in the Ohio Governor's Office lobby for six years during both the Strickland and Kasich adminstrations through the Ohio Arts Council. This hangs nicely together with any of its sister pieces from the series.  Dimensions: 43 1/4" X 30"

"Monumental Flags"

  • This painting requires occasional dusting with a lint-free cloth. Should anything get spilled on it, you many use mild soap and water for cleaning, making sure soap residue is wiped clean. Do not soak! Should the canvas begin to sag, you can tighten it up again by spraying the backside of the canvas with a spray bottle of water and using an electric hair dryer to dry it. This should return the canvas to its normal tension. NEVER put art in direct sunlight. Direct UV rays can bleach the color over time. ALWAYS keep art in cool, dry climate controlled spaces. Humidity and temperature extremes are harmful to the art.

  • Acrylic on canvas painting, framed.

    Dimensions: 43 1/4" X 30"

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